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Spinout (tail suddenly slips sideways), Fin giving too little lift for sail's lateral force, Use more powerful (bigger) fin
Board won't ride flat (without toe pressure) fin giving too little lift for heel weight on rail Use more powerful (bigger) fin
Spinout only when fully powered, Tighten outhaul, or when over-powered Sail's center of lift moving too far back over fin Tighten outhaul or tighten downhaul

Always too much force on one arm,can't sheet in all the way to board center

Harness lines unbalanced Move both harness lines towards arm with most force
Too much force on one arm in gusts Sail's center of lift moving away from harness lines Move boom end in the direction draft moves
Arms get tired Too much force on arms Shorten harness lines, or lower boom & move mastfoot back
Can't sheet in all the way (to board center) without hitting your butt on the water Overpowered, or harness lines too long Tighten downhaul (or rig down), or shorten harness lines
Camber won't rotate easily Too much friction or force on camber Adjust cam narrower (Ezzy, North), tighten downhaul, loosen cam batten
Tailwalking (board nose rises uncontrollably) , Overpowered, or too much pressure on back foot Tighten downhaul, outhaul (or rig down) lower boom or move mastfoot forward
Rail or tail of board rises uncontrollably Fin giving too much lift for heel weight on rail Use less powerful (smaller) fin
Both legs get tired or are bent too much Booms too low, or harness lines too long Raise boom & move mastfoot forward, or shorten harness lines
One leg usually bent too much Too much weight on that leg Move one/both footstraps toward that leg, change boom height &/or move mast foot
Sail drags on deck or water Sail's center of lift too far from board's Move mast foot back
Gap under sail ( sheeted in with board flat) Sail's center of lift too close to board’s Move mast foot forward
Can't plane Underpowered, fin giving too little lift Loosen downhaul, move mast foot forward, use more powerful (bigger) fin, rig up

* NOTE: every setting is interrelated, so any one adjustment may require additional trimming before the rig becomes completely balanced again. You may need to repeat the entire tuning procedure several times before it’s perfect for you.

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