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  La Ventana Wind Forecast:

Winds are consistently MUCH stronger than forecast:

If the wind is from the north and the sun is shining (as usual) the wind will be DOUBLE to TRIPLE the weekly forecast speed shown here for late morning & all afternoon (evenings actually have less wind than forecast).

You can prove this to yourself by noting what the forecast is, and then checking the recent archives in a few days for what the actual wind strength was.


If you'd like to understand why it's so consistently windy at La Ventana,
please click on the map below.

La Ventana Wind Conditions

The mountains on the island and the coast funnel the wind off the Sea of Cortez into LaVentana Bay.

To the south is a big, hot valley. The combination of local thermal wind, the frequent "El Norte" wind, and the venturi effect from the surrounding mountains make La Ventana a good bet for November through April winds.

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