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  About Larry
Larry Wilhelms is a
Certified Yoga Instructor.

His training encompasses a variety of yoga styles including Hatha, Iyengar and Vinyasa Flow, with additional emphasis on pranayama techniques (breathing and energy), body mechanics and meditation. An avid kiteboarder, surfer, snowboarder and cyclist, his passion is to create yoga programs that build strength, balance, focus and energy to support an active lifestyle.
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  Captain Kirks Store

Captain Kirks Baja Resort

Yoga at Captain Kirk’s with Larry
“Stretch the Body, Build the Breath
- the Mind will Follow”

The “studio” is a thatched palapa deck overlooking the Sea of Cortez (some have called it one of the most beautiful yoga studios in the western world). The classes are warm, inviting, casual and friendly.

The group includes people of all ages, backgrounds, and experience - (and sometimes includes an occasional dog that wanders in). It is not at all unusual to have ‘first-time stretchers’ practicing right next to ‘power-yoga experts’ - we make it fun, safe and inviting for everyone.

The classes are a mix of styles - tailored to support the ocean activities that the guests come here to enjoy - including postures, flow, a sprinkling of breathing and meditation, balancing and core work.

The instruction is professional, taught by Larry Wilhelms, who is a Certified Yoga Instructor, but prefers to be called a “guide” as he takes the group through an hour or so of invigorating energy work.

“My yoga programs are for everyone. I see myself as a guide - providing a safe, relaxed environment where each person can find their own path to growth and change.” – Larry Wilhelms

In addition to the group classes, private or small group instruction is available by appointment.

We are also planning to offer several yoga retreats at Captain Kirk’s.

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